Our Vision

Our desire is to see everyone who comes through the doors at Mesquite TreatmentCenter, LLC, maintain sobriety and pursue healthy life and be a positive impact on others. 

Our Mission


We are created for a purpose. We must have a strong conviction about living with intention and discipline, utilizing our strengths and gifts to achieve transformation and wellbeing.

About US

Mesquite Treatment Center, LLC is an intensive residential program addressing adolescent needs with a comprehensive and individualized approach. From Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient to Residential Treatment, our customized adolescent care is built on the latest scientific research and proven techniques to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Learning about Mesquite Treatment Center, LLC, you’ll find our staff understands that your child is an individual who needs an individualized recovery program providing safety, privacy, security, and success.

Because adolescents are not the only ones affected by their struggles with substance use, but with mental health, emotional health, behavioral issues we also offer counseling to adults. Mesquite provides support for families through Family Sessions (via video conferencing) and group therapy with other clients to better understand how to provide support throughout recovery. We want to see your child or loved one successful both within our walls and at home, so adolescent programs are designed to promote a sustained, ongoing approach to overcoming things like substance use, anxiety, depression, etc., and re-engaging in life as a youth and as a family.

Our History

Mesquite Treatment Center, LLC was founded by Mrs. Laura Lisa Garza

in 2006. During that first year, we started our first small outpatient

program in Lyford Tx. We then were able to expand to locations all over

the Rio Grande Valley from McAllen, Donna, PSJA, San Benito,

Raymondville, Edinburg, Weslaco, Mercedes and Harlingen. Our

Intensive Outpatient programs are a treatment program used to

address substance abuse disorders that do not require detoxification or

round-the-clock supervision. Along with group and individual therapy

sessions done daily. Over the last 15 years, we have been able to reach

and touch the lives of thousands of young men and women suffering

from addiction. In 2015 we opened The Lyford House, an Intensive

Residential program designed to assist adolescent males ages 13-17

with substance abuse disorders. Since then, we have helped over 500

young men gain the skills and knowledge to live successful lives.