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Our Matrix Model is based on healing the underlying conditions that cause addiction. Healing the underlying conditions is the most important part of getting sober because your underlying conditions are driving you to use drugs and alcohol. Once your underlying conditions are healed, it is much easier to stay sober. This is the key to long term sobriety, and your overall well-being.

The Matrix Model is a style of treatment designed to aid in recovery from stimulant substances like methamphetamine and cocaine. The method was created in the 1980s and has seen widespread success. The Matrix Model is An integrative treatment. It includes aspects of many different therapeutic styles and psychological orientations.

An Intensive Outpatient Program (Iop)
It entails several hours of treatment each day, several days per week while allowing the client to still live at home.
A Highly-structured Program
The entire model is thoroughly designed and engineered with planned topics and sequencing for each session and phase of treatment.
A Time-limited Treatment
The model is intended to last for 16 weeks, but it can be extended for a year depending on the needs of the client.
A Proven Treatment
Multiple studies have shown benefit of the treatment based on extending recovery and client consistency.

The Four Causes of addiction.

Research has now been established to support a three-factor standard for vulnerability to drug addiction that includes: genetic factors, environmental factors, and repeated exposure. Addiction, however, can rarely be attributed to just one cause, and it is important to consider the various factors that may work together to contribute to addiction.

Regain control of your life

By the time you finish your program, you will most likely have healed all of the underlying conditions that are causing you to use and will have regained control of your life.

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